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Coral Vue Hydros

Need help transferring from 16 to 32

Cee Birk

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Im looking for some help on transferring to a larger tank 16 to 32.  I have been battling green hair algae and tried most of the random treatments. Scrubbing, hand removal and flux RX but nothing really helps much. Question is should i just start over and not transfer the rock i have that have some soft corals as you can see.  Im really more into fish and invertebrates. I have not had great luck with corals and anemones but still fairly new at the game. Not giving up but happy to be patient and start over by transferring my clowns, cleaner shrimp, hermits and snails for now.  I was going to add the protein skimmer but other than stick with standard BioCube 32 package.  I would scrap the coralline algae i have and add that if recommended.. 


I guess to keep all hair algae from transferring also need add all new sand? Im running EcoBakEZ and Matrix for Biologic. Should I transfer that or start over?  Do you ever replace that or just leave it year after year?


Any help would be appreciated!!!





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Hair algae can be brutal to defeat, but it can be done.  


It gets out of control when parameters are off, there is too much nutrient addition (feeding) and or too much light.  


Cover tank in black plastic garage bag, cut way back on the feeding and get a good test kit to monitor the progress.  


It would be nearly impossible to start over and not carry over the algae to the new tank.  And really it is a symptom of something, so until you get that addressed it will just appear again.  


I battled epic amounts and got it down to nothing.  Had to really focus, scrap, test, go lights out, etc. and after months it went away.  


Has come back because I have gotten too busy with work, not testing enough, etc.  I am moving to a bigger tank so that is also more of my focus (new to get stand fabricated) in terms of time spent on the hobby.  I haven't tested in months, but the softies and fish are happy so while it is not "sightly" at the moment, I am ok with it.  


I have a hang on back and allow the algae to grow on the spill over/return area typically.  That way it, the amount there takes up the nutrients and doesn't let it get as bad other places.  Like an informal algae scrubber.  Is easier/more realistic that having zero algae.  


It is natural, to one degree or another, so if you want none of it, you will have to work daily, for months maybe, to get rid of it and keep it away.  Definitely can be done though!  


One final thought is emerald crab.  They will eat every last bit of it, in my experience.  Emeralds can be challenging though in the sense they might start eating softies if they finish off the algae and or decide they don't want it.  I always just took my back to the LFS (even if I didn't get anything in return for it) as they were around $10 and worth it to "rent" for a few weeks!  Just keep an eye on it in event it starts getting after corals.  


I made a post a while back about GHA (green hair algae) so you can look for that and I probably added more details there than here/what I can recall at the moment.  


I like your tank and you've got some great coralline going!  


Good luck!

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