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Fluval III Picooooo - for a 3 year old


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So, my 3 year old daughter asked for a fish tank for Christmas.  After a 30 day freshwater failed experiment, I converted her tank to a saltwater pico yesterday.  It’s been forever since I took care of a freshwater tank and something I put in there was creating major issues so it’s back to what I know best… saltwater.  Current inhabitants are an astrea snail, blue leg hermit and a bunch of asterina hitchhikers.  Gorgonian and zoas as well.  Everything fully cured from my 60 gallon.

Thinking a shrimp will be the star of the show, any suggestions? CBS maybe?

Introducing Janie’s Nemo Pico:





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2 hours ago, InAtTheDeepEnd said:

That's a really cute tank - not a shrimp but a pom pom crab would be a fun centre piece.

Thank you for that suggestion.  I’ll add it to the list of possibilities.  

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Crabs are pretty fun tbh - otherwise sexy shrimps or peppermint shrimps are great. my peppermint shrimp is super friendly, as soon as my hand goes in the tank they rush over and will nibble my cuticles/knuckles etc which might be fun for a little'un but don't need super involved care or anything. 

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