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Blast From the Past!!


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Hello Gang, Long time no post! HaHa!!

I don't know how many Old Timers there are, but it's been a while since my last post. I had been an active member on NR for many years. My Biocube was featured waaayy back on June 2008!! Here is a link if you're interested.

basser1 - 2008 Featured Nano Reef Aquariums - Nano-Reef Community


I really enjoyed the saltwater hobby for many many years. Then I lost interest and sold my equipment and livestock to many members here on this forum. Well, I didn't stay out of the hobby very long and I wanted to get back in, but with fresh-water this time. I have always admired Discus fish as they are the King of the freshwater hobby, IMO. Many hobbyists shy away from Discus because they think they are difficult fish to keep. You know, stuff like clean water, picky eaters, expensive, etc. Things we were used to while keeping marine livestock, right?


A couple of years ago, I set up a 75 gallon bow front tank and started out with my discus venture. I started out with a group 10 fish about 3" in size. I ordered my fish from a well respected breeder, Discus Hans. His fish are imported from Germany by Stendker discus. These fish are bred so that they adopt to regular water conditions, no need to adjust for water softness/hardness, pH and such. The main thing with discus is they like warm water and I keep my temps at 87 degrees. I feed them beefheart, frozen bloodwoms, freeze dried blackworms and flake food. I try to give them a variety of foods. I do at least an 80 percent water change once a week. My tank has 3 filters, 2 Aquaclear 110s, and a large canister filter filled with biomedia. Overkill? Maybe, but I know there demands and I feel the extra filtration helps.


I am happy to say all discus are doing well and have really grown. Some are now well over 5" inches in diameter and larger. They are like "water" puppies as they will eat of my hands and I can even pet them!


Here is a photo of the tank. All plants are real. I figure if I could keep corals, why not plants?? Hope everyone is good and take care!



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Beautiful reef tank.  

There is a fw thread on this forum now, 

you should share this discus tank there, too.  I think they are more work than a simple reef tank.

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Just now, Tamberav said:

Love your new FW tank. I would love a discus tank someday 🙂 It is the waterchanges that make me nervous 😛

Get ya a water Python, you'll thank me later.....  🙂

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On 1/25/2022 at 7:25 PM, Tamberav said:

Can I just use tap? 🤔

Yes. That is what I do and I dose chlorinator directly into the tank while it's filling up.


This has been a real back saver!!

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