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Innovative Marine Aquariums

Entryway Lifegard 4.4 Gallon - advice and comments welcome!


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Various Stylophora 

Various Hammer

Phonape Birdsnest and Blue Zing Birdsnet

1 Leptastrea

1 Cyphastrea

1 Red Bowerbanki


Coming soon: ora pink stylo, ora pink birdsnest, forest fire montipora digitata.


- 1 weekly 50% water change

- weekly pinch of Coral Feast feeding planned


2012 MP10

Ecotech G4 XR15 Pro


Rock Flower anemones and sexy anemone shrimp have been moved out of tank. (single tank pic is current setup).

More updates to come.



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@Squid_reef Not sure if I'm replying to your message in the right place. The smaller aquarium was 1 gallon with hob filter but is no longer running. (gave the rock flower anemones to a family member as I didn't want to risk them stinging the sps I am trying to grow). The larger aquarium is a Lifegard 4.4 gallon. I'll add some more pics soon when the lights change to a whiter spectrum. Trying to focus on stylo and birdsnest as beginner sps before I take a chance on acros. Also trying to have a small euphyllia garden. Once everything that starts growing I'll move to a 20 gallon and stop there haha. (or I might leave them all alone and let them grow into each other for a natural look?)



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