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2 aquaclear 200's on a 10g????


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If i were to put two Aquaclear 200's on a 10 gallon and leave one with carbon and sponge in it, and turn the other into a fuge, would this be adequit filtration and circulation?? if not please tell me what to change. i would use a powerhead instead but i can get the aquaclears for about 15$american each . any suggestions would be much appreciated

Thanks, RoB

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I think the 200 is kinda too small for a fuge. Those two 200's would be adequate flow in a 10 gallon but Id just go with powerheads. IMO, id use at least an AC 70 (formely 300) as a fuge with two mini jets if you keep corals. Although there are people that use the 200 as a fuge but I doubt that there will be any benefits. Theres a few people that use the AC 110 (formely 500) on their 10gal tanks after a few tweaks to slow the flow and were successful. I have a AC 110 on my 20gal and so far so good. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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