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zoa bleaching?


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Noob reefer with Fluval 16g tank but running the evo13 light plus a small blue actinic strip. Tanks been running about a month with some corals, 2 clowns, shrimp and a CUC.


All our corals are looking great (Duncans, ricordia, Xenia, gsp) except this zoa frag combo that's sitting on top of our aquascape...closest to surface and lighting. the ones on right are big and open, but looking pale. is this bleaching? should I move him lower down the scape? not sure what type of zoa it is. the ones to its left seem to be fine...


water parameters been good... 0 am and 0 no2, tiny level of no3. temps and salinity stable 78' and 1.025


any help? thx!


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41 minutes ago, ef4life said:

We’re they all the same color originally? They look to me like a totally different zoa/paly than the one on the left.

It’s two different zoas on same frag. Right one open, but pale…

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9 hours ago, emmysnewtank said:

It’s two different zoas on same frag. Right one open, but pale…

They look happy to me so I don’t think it’s in too much light, it’s just not a really great colored zoa imo. Some do tend to change colors with different lighting so it could change over time.

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I could thing only of the few things:

  • almost no nutrients (NO3 and PO4),
  • high alkalinity or a big swing of it (for low nutrient system),
  • too high light for what is listed above.
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