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Nano tank water change %

1st reef

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45 minutes ago, 1st reef said:

How much water do I have to change if I'm not running a skimmer? I have some corals. 


I run no skimmer or filtration and typically do about 30% each time. 

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I am not an expert, but have had 3 reef tanks over the years and my strategy is to perform a 10-25% WC only when my tank needs it:


NO3 >7.0 ppm

PO4 >0.10 ppm

Alk <7.0 dKH

Cal <400 ppm

Mag <1200 ppm


It just so happens that with my present tank one of these params is usually out of wack so I do weekly water changes. As I continue to test weekly I suspect that eventually I can go to every other week or once a month water changes as the tank matures.


Ill do a 30-50% WC if things are way out of wack, but the weekly WC keep things stable enough that it is only necessary a few times a year to do a larger WC.


My .02


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On 11/12/2021 at 7:51 PM, 1st reef said:

Do you run a skimmer? 

Yes I run a skimmer.


In the past I ran a 10g nano without a skimmer and did 25-50% WC every week or every other week depending on test results.

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