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KCM's New EVO 5


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Just getting into the Nano reef hobby with this first tank.  I have been keeping freshwater planted tanks for a long time and always wanted to try my hand at reef tanks.  The Tank is almost a week old and looking great.  I am starting this tank as  FOWLR but will maybe try a couple easy corals down the road.  I went with live sand and live rock from the newly reopened Tampa Bay Saltwater. I went with the "package" for a 5 gallon tank, but rather than get two different shipments a week or so apart, I got the whole shipment at once. This was in an effort to save substantially on freight costs.  I live in Washingotn State, so shipping wasn't cheap.  Everything looked really good and smelled fine when I opened everything up. Lots of cool hitchhikers so far. Some may become problematic if not dealt with. I have noticed a bit of aptasia but I think the blue legged hermits are eating them, and I plan on adding a peppermint shrimp or two when the tank stabalizes. I did loose all 4 snails, but all 4 hermits are still doing great. I have been testing daily and doing water changes when I notice the Ammonia starting to get a bit high, like around 1ppm.  So far the Ammonia has never gotten above 1, the Nitrite has stayed at 0 and just today the Nitrate when up to 10 from pretty much zero.  Seems a bit weird that the Nitrite has never changed, but the Nitrate is now going up.  However, one of the reasons I went with TBS live rock and live sand was because I read that it really shortens the cycling time of a new tank. I think I am also going to eventually replace with Hydor heater with something a little more accurate. The temp fluctuates several degrees between night and day.  Would love any feedback or thoughts.



Fluval EVO V. with bottom intake hole plugged.

Intank media basket 

stock pump (Have a Newa 606 coming this week)

Fluval Aquasky LED light

Hydor 50 w aquarium heater. 



5lbs TBS live sand

10lbs TBS Live rock

4 blue legged hermits

4 Astrea Snails (they died)

Various hitchhikers.






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I'm so jealous of your TBS rock! I used it to set up a couple of my first tanks back in the early 2000s and I miss the adventure of new discoveries every time you look in the tank.

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Here is a graph of the nitrogen cycle parameters over the past week.  A minor Ammonia spike a few days in, and now NO3 went up but appears to be going down now. Is it weird that I haven't seen any N02 at all? Could be just the live rock is going gang busters with beneficial bacteria and organisms right off the bat. 



Evo V Nano Reef Nitrogen Cycle.png

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Quick 2 week update. Tank is plugging along. Ammonia is dropping and nitrate is holding steady. Introduced 3 Astrea snails last Saturday and they are grooving. 







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