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Betta Falls triple mini tanks


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YOUTUBE first look at the Betta Falls and the first 2 coral


Aqueon Betta Falls tank . Water fall into each tank.  The basic build . See build thread for more information. Tank, coralife lights, Carib Sea black sand, heater and an Auto topoff 



Ordered a open brain from vivid corals and they sent a freebie Acan . Nice . They will get my business again.


Will start training the brain tomorrow with a single fish food pellet so it opens huge during the day and display some tentacles after a few weeks.


Absolutely love my Office at work now. .  Guitar with my Orange amp / cab and a new fun Pico tank!!!!












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SHROOMS !!!!!!!

Neon green nobbies with a blueish flesh.  Brought them from home tank 


YOUTUBE Adding some neon shrooms


 I work with overhead lights off and a desk lamp.  Flip off the whites on tank when I'm in there and have a glowing neon tank to view is great.  Shrooms should chill out by tomorrow and open fully.  I did not realize the water fall is a lot of flow, more than expected.


Still need to bust up spare LR and grab some bubble tip anemones 






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This is a perfect use for one of those! You could put a nasty stinger like a minimax nem in one category and keep it contained. 


You should see if you can grow codium in there. A branching macro would be a nice contrast to all the flat corals. 

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This time next year the shrooms will be triple in size and should blanket the floor giving a cool moving glowing carpet effect under the blues.  Need to try and find an old digital camera at house .. taking photos with the phone is a joke … come on macro lens.


Will be adding some bubble tips after lunch into tank this afternoon.  Came in and the shrooms, acan and brain are all relaxed and moving in the flow.  Water tested fine so just going to keep moving forward.  (note: all rock and bubble tips are from home tank that the lr is years and years old . no cycle issue is going to happen).  I'm digging the green theme and being color blind the neon green is one of the brightest most vivid colors I can see.  So I gravitate towards neon green.  One of the tanks at a minimum will have green star polyps put on the back wall. Will give a nonstop movement on the entire back.  Most likely middle tank . Acan, Brain, Green Star.  On the left tank Shrooms, Bubble tip and will eventually find some tiny zoa frags for back wall.  Tank on the right …. tank on the right … not sure yet …. just put one shroom in there to have something in there …

Making the 3rd tank a micro algea tank is interesting …  I used to grow the purple micro in my picotope .. stuck a piece under the HOB and it grabbed all those extra nutrients .. had to trim it every few months … Gonna have to go look at what colors are available … brighter the better.  Since I will be feeding both the anemone and the brain, this is almost a why the blank wouldn't you …. Thanks for the idea on this . Thumbs Up to you! so tempting to just buy 1 baby piece of pulsing xenia and let it go wild .. I've seen it and those got thick when left alone lol



Devil Duck,

Yeah I really want sexy shrimp (funny little guys in packs) but no live stock other then the snails I'm going to order in the next few days.  After a few months of just making sure the coral are cool with everything before adding animals. 



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Everything moved around to prep for adding rock next week.


Left tank.  Couple shrooms and 1 bubble tip (few years shrooms will cover sand bed)


Center.  Acan and the brain (few years brain will cover the sand bed by itself when open)  brought a hack saw blade to cut disk off brain.  Not sure if acans can be cut off ... will moat likely just cut around acan to shrink plug and glue to small rock.  


Right. Currently stocked with the shrooms and bubble tips to be sent to 3 other refers.  


All in all super happy with this that it's nearing initial stocking . Than years of viewing and feeding.  I hand feed (tweezers when I can't reach) all my active eaters.


First brain feed... 2 fish food sinking pellets.  Brain opened mouth and slowly slid outer ring towards mouth.  Around 5 min mark they fell in mouth. No tentacles appeared and did not fully close outer ring.  The training of the brain has begun! 





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Alright tank is still stable after another 4 day weekend! All parameters are in check and ATO functioned without issues.  Pretty sure this tank is going to be a fun little keeper at this point.

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