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Skimz Supersilent ss6.0 lowest setting in 5.5. gallon pico tank?


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Lately my Koralia nano 1600 L/h (around 422 G/h) has been making a loud noise to the point it gets really irritating, and no amount of cleaning seems to help.


I am in the market for a new wavemaker and I am looking at Skimz Supersilent ss6.0 which is extremely strong for a pico.


I wonder if in its lowest setting it would be possible to use this wavemaker in my tank taking into account that I have quite a strong flow already.


If not, which wavemaker would you suggest? If there are settings for random flow it would be even better. Keep in mind that I live in Europe and my options for equipment may be limited compared to what most people may recommend.

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Not sure if there is any powerhead that will not turn a small tank like tank into a tropical storm even on the lowest setting. Is there anyway you can upgrade to a larger return pump with a random flow generator nozzle?

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Hello all and thank you for your suggestions.


Since my tank does not have any compartments like back sump, I would like to find a wavemaker in order to create random flow and not a return pump.


Any suggestions on a waterpump suitable for a 5g?


Thanks again.

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