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wavemaker for 40 gallon nuvo AIO cube


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Hi all! I am new to the hobby and just started by first reef tank Aug 31st with a Nuvo AIO 40 gallon cube. I have 2 clowns, a chromis, and just added a royal gramma along with snails and crabs. I lost a chromis last week and woke up to my coral beauty gone this morning. My parameters are good and just did a water change 2 weeks ago. I am getting suggestions to add a wave maker or powerhead as I am only using the built in filter at the moment. I have no idea what type or size wave maker or power head i need. Can anyone point me in the right direction? 

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I would use one on each side for best flow.


At the cheap end I recommend jebao pumps, I like the sow model, you would need the 2000gph versions for that size. Vary from $60-80 dollars


In between, the nero 3/5 are super compact and provide lots of flow for the size. $170/$220 respectively


And at the top end the vortech pumps are the best at maintaining a no-cable aesthetic in the tank, while also delivering a nice, wide flow. $330 for the mp10 or $400 for mp40


I use all 3 of these between my 2 tanks and have no complaints with any of them. And to be honest I wouldn't pay retail for vortech pumps, I found both of mine used.

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What type of corals are you going to keep? Fish only and you're fine with what you have. Softies and adding a power head will do. You'll need more flow for LPS and even more for SPS. 

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