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Problems with BIG AL'S?


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I never had a problem with them, although they can be quite *slow* compared to other online vendors. Its been a while since I've ordered from them.

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VERY GOOD PRICES , including super cheap shipping and a center that's close to my home makes them my favorite internet supply vendor.


I once had a problem with a piece of equipment, called them, sent me a shipping label to return to them and they promptly exchanged me one.


very smooth transactions.

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I had a horrible problem! Ordered about $70 worth of stuff and according to there policy, if they are out of stock of an item, they will still ship your order and delay that 1 product! Well a week after the items were supposed to be at my house, they call and tell me there product is out of stock! Well it was the specific color of the product i wanted so i asked for another color! She says they will ship it the next day! Well almost a week later, I got a call saying that color was also out of stock and i could get it in green! well im only 14 so i got my dad on the phone n he was asking about there policy and well she completely disagreed! We never got an apology and my dad ended up canceling the order! There prices are excellent and everyone else says there service is excellent so i dont know but that is my experience with them!



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I find some of their stuff to be ridiculously overpriced in the canadian part. Like $219.99 for a SEACLONE 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meanwhile on the american site its $63. They're giving us canucks the shaft. >=/

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I just ordered the sunpaq 32watt retro kit and alot of other things for my new nano.


All came in perfect condition, on time, and great prices.



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I have ordered from them countless times and have never had a problem. I too did get one order without a few items that were on the packing list, after a phone-call they said they were on the way just a day late. Fine with me. A friend of mine ordered some stuff and it came in two boxes. The UPS man only dropped off 1 box the first time so he called and told them what was missing. They shipped it to him right away and the next day the second box appeared, then a week later a new box with the same stuff appeared...He got double what he payed for, and Big Al's had no problem fixing his order and it wasn't even messed up. I would recommend BigAls to anyone.

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If they have an item backordered and don't tell you they ship what they can and don't even bother to tell you about the item that hasn't shipped if it's under $10. I've had 2 experiences with them. One was good the other bad. The bad one really ticked me off. I ordered about $100 USD worth and in the order had 2 of the same item which totaled $15($7.50 a each) but they wouldn't ship me backorder because their policy is 1 item on backorder must be $10 or more.... total crap. They wanted me to reorder and pay for shipping again. I was never informed about anything and didn't realize until I got my order that the items were missing.

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They said they have a couple of facilities that tie together. Even though it shows up as being in stock, it may be at the other facility and they don't ship from there. Their database system and way they handling backorders sucks. I spoke to both customer service and his manager. Manager told me that what happened doesn't usually happen and as soon as he figured out what fell through the cracks he would call me back in a couple of hours. Long story short... he never called. I've spent a couple hundred $$ there and they don't even care.


They do have good prices but you gotta wonder about their policies. I like www.petsolutions.com.

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Originally posted by omens-nano07

Thanks for replying Sickboy,What was the longest you had to wait for or box?


No problem replying. It was a little over two weeks I waited for

a package. I'm assuming that the item was out-of-stock and I wasn't notified. Thats another nitpick I have, they don't send tracking numbers or even a 'Shipped' conformation email so I know what is going on. I've orded 5-6 times from them, and I didn't get a 'Shipped' or 'Out of Stock' email once.


That Fish Place is where I do most of my ordering from. Very Quick (located in PA and I'm in Maryland) so shipping is fast and cheap. I can order something by 3pm and it will be at my home the next day with GROUND UPS. I don't have to use overnight to get it overnight..:)


I would find a vendor thats close to you and try them. The service will definitely reflect the effort.

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Ihave ordered from them several times, and all of them came just fine. I did read about the backorder policy on the site, so I knew ahead of time about that policy, but haven't had any problems with my orders. Their prices were very good on the items I had ordered from them.

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