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250w DE MH-- do i need a chiller?


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I think I decided to get the 250w MH pendant instead of the 150w for my 29/30 gallon tall nano. I was wondering if I would need a chiller.... Does anyone here have a 30gallon or smaller with a 250w mh pendant, that does NOT have a chiller? here is a link the the specific pendant..


I have air conditioning in my house for the hot summerdays, but I live in Michigan, so we get a cold winter. During the summer I dont want to just run my house's AC just for the sake of my nano.


Thanks in advance :)


P.S. If anyone thinks the 150w would be a better choice instead of the 250w (I want to keep sps, lps, and clams) please let me know before its too late :)

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150 isn't going to be good enough. Before investing in a chiller, I would just try hanging the pendant maybe 8-10" above tank, and have a fan blowing over the top of the water. I think this would be good enough, but then again I've never used MH before. Just trying to save you some $ :)

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Why do you say 150 isn't enough? I have a 150 de over my 29/30g and plan on keeping sps and clams. It is PLENTY of light, as far as I can tell. Great spread, penitrates completly to the bottom. And heat hasn't proved to be too much of a factor, with it 6" off the water. Haven't added anything but rock, sand (1") and a stray hermit-all from my 75 g fowlr. But, looking around on the web for a 13k bulb-I have a 20k now, not too much blue but thinking about a little more light-they are hard to come by for de period but more seem to be made in a 250 watt version. I think I might go with a 10k as my next bulb choice, one of the bluer ones. Most people advocate more light the better, but then people have thriving sps tanks under pc's. So, I personally say that either one is fine and 250 is overkill on all but the 29 and above (those people running 250's over 15's and 20L's are crazy-no heat prblms my a#@1). Also, being a nano, we don't need insane growth rates-the coral will overrun our tanks!!!



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i would go with a 250 ovwe a 29 i have a 250 over my 20 and it is grea tbut i would go with the 250, you might not have a problem wiht head, so get it and see like the guy said go with a fan blowing if it gets real hot. but you get a lot evaporation. i'm glad i didn't go with the 250 for my so but if i had a 29 i deff would

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o no mine has a 150 DE it stays at 80 or 79 but with a 250 on a 20 i would either have it real high or need a chiller but i think you'd be fine

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I keep my apartment around 68 - 70, I like it cold, and am awaiting hte arrival of a 250 watt retrofit MH for my 10 gallon nano, in which I plan to place LPS, a couple SPS, and definately a crocea clam. How far off the top should I place it?

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