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Any tips on how to reaquascape with stuff in the tank? I only have a cleaner shrimp, snails hermits, and some frags.


The problem is I have alot of rock in my tank that would make it very hard to shuffle around without taking alot of it out. Would I be able to mix a big bucket of water and stick all the rocks in there, and maybe the frags too, without harming anything?

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i would say that as long as they're wet, it's OK.


keep a damp towel over them, or as you said, fill a bucket w/ur existing tank water to place the LR in. as for the frags, if you have to take them out of the tank to re-aquascape it would also be best to place them in a bucket or container with existing tank water.


depending on size of your tank, aquascaping shouldn't take more than 30 minutes... so as long as your LR is in a bucket, it "should" be ok :)

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I took took the rock out and put it in a bucket with water, put all the frags in the fuge and did the job :). Pictures to come when it clouds down a bit :D.

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