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MightyJet 538 missing parts


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I bought a bigger tank from Bulk Reef Supply, Innovative Marine Fusion Pro 40 it came with a mightyjet 538 return pump but it was missing the intake screen and washer .  I looked all around the tank inside the sump but could not find the screen . Do i really need the screen ? Is there something else i could put over the pump intake or after market screen ? I emailed BRS but have not heard back from them yet.20210916_185702.thumb.jpg.d601f37803dfad7a95bb4c64c75bf8e1.jpg

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It'll work like that and probably no risk since it's not running in the tank with the livestock.  But I would double down on making BRS make it right.  Do they have a phone#?  There's no good reason to run without the screen "just in case" something gets to the filter compartment that "could" get into the pump.

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