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The Reef Novice

Hi All it’s been a minute since I’ve been on this forum. Approximately 4 years to be exact. I appreciated all the help I received starting out and figured I would come back home for this question lol. 

I am currently in the process of switching my tank from a 29 gallon bow front to a 50-55 bow front. I have purchased the sand and new light. However my thought is to bring over my Hob filter, heater and wave maker. I would keep the contents in my filter when I do the move and will also bring over half the water. With this being said how long should I wait to do this? And what else do I need to consider before transitioning the inhabitants over?(2x Clown fish, yellow tailed Damsel & Pistol Shrimp) also have about 9 RBA’s and a forest of green mushrooms.


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Hello and welcome back to NR! I just joined this month after lurking for YEARS!!


I'm sure those more experienced than I will chime in, but my thoughts are that if you have established LR with all of those corals and anemones you will basically have an instant tank if you just move it all over right away (assuming water parameters are identical).


How far apart are the tanks geographically - in the same home I presume? If the LR is exposed to air for longer than maybe 20 minutes or so I'd be a little concerned, but I don't have experience with nems. Mushrooms are resilient and could probably survive after being exposed to air for an hour or more (I know from personal experience).

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Tank transfers are fairly easy.


I documented mine in my lagoon journal.


Everything should be fine if you do things correctly. 


Since you already have water in the new tank-  i would remove some tank water from your 29 into buckets, place livestock in there with water movement and heater


Add your equipment to the new tank and transfer liverock.


Once everything is settled(should be in a couple of hrs) add your livestock. 


Ensure your water parameters are identical to the 29g and everything should be fine.


Liverock won't dry out in 20mins but if you are worried you can put sw in a new spray bottle and spray the rocks but i would just grab the rock fom 1 tank and put it directly in the new tank.


I would definitely add a seachem ammonia badge just to be on the safe side

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