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Duncan head split off entirely?


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Hey guys, wondering about my Duncan. It’s been doing really well—went from 2 heads to 7 in a matter of a few months. In the last week, it’s been shriveled. Checked parameters, all within range. Then, this evening I saw that one of the heads had floated off and landed on a nearby rock. Is it just overthrowing it’s space and trying to split off to form a new colony? I didn’t know Duncans did that. 

salt: 1.025

ph: 8.0-8.2

nitrite: 0

PO4: 0

dkh: 8

temp: 80F



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The polyp cam bail for a host of reasons. Could be to high flow or light? Duncans don't light a ton of light and from my experience low flow..

Has something been close enough to sting it?

I assume you mean nitrate and not nitrite? Zero on both nitrate and phosphate aren't ideal if I'm honest. I would look to bring to them up to around 5 or 10ppm nitrate and 0.03 to 0.05 phosphate. 


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Nothing is close enough to sting it. I don’t know what happened. Now it’s gone full RTN. I’m so sad. This piece was doing so well. Nothing else is showing new signs of stress. 


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