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i've been having some spiderweb looking slime around my polyps once in a while. they attach all over the rock and sway. in addition they come and go quite often. everything looks OK as for my polyps and everything. just wondering what it is.

can anyone help??

anything i should do??



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Blind Tree Frog

Snail. Check the ID forum for the trapdoor spider thread i started. The exact name is in that thread.


Basically it's a snail that lives in a tube. It spits out a strand of webbing, catches #### on it, sucks it clean, and then spits the thread out. Unless you have a lot of them, they don't cause any problems and they clean the water a little for you (very little at a time)

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if its one of those worms you will see a fiarly wide tube that it builds to live in, and it has two antenna n contracts like a snail. i have a lot of them and they are so annoying! They junk the crap out of my tank b/c the webs get so dirty~

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