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Cultivated Reef

hitchhiking anemone

M. Tournesol

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2 hours ago, M. Tournesol said:

It could be a Majano

It has some similarities.  Certainly not Aiptasia, so that's good.  Might be a wait and see; should be easier to identify as it develops a little more.  While you might want to remove a Majano, I wouldn't consider it necessary to do it right now.

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M. Tournesol

Madame anemone doesn't like light very much ☹️. It could be a vampire anemone 🧛‍♀️.
Photo after the light did turn off:


Side-lit by a lamp: 

It seems to be of the same species as the anemones proliferating in my cryptic zone (out of sight, out of mind 😌).

I will remove it tomorrow or Monday.

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Update on the anemone: they are everywhere ☹️. They don't seem to like light, but at night, I can see a lot of them come out.

I think I will need to change "remove some algae during water change" to "remove some algae and kill some anemone 💉 during water change".

I have a big one in the cryptic zone/canister filter. I will take a photo of it tomorrow.

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I will let the critic zone do it thing.

In the day, all anemones decided to hide :ninja:. This must explain why I just discovered the scale of the invasion 🤔.

Don't seem to be an anemone that photosynthesis ...

Not a classic aiptasia. I only had one of these things on a zoanthid plug. It now lives under 1 cm of glue...


During water change day, I will at night remove some of the meanest / bigger ones. Medication 💊, citric acid injection.

We have the technology 🤖



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