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Replacement test syringes


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Anyone know where to get replacement syringes for testing with .1 increments for a decent price? I have found them on Amazon 100 for $10 but in .2 increments. The .1  is available $4.99 for one. Thumbs down

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Just go to any CVS, Walgreens, etc. and just ask the pharmacy tech or pharmacist for a 1ml syringe without a needle. Pretty much all kids medicines are liquid and dosed using a syringe, so they just hand them out for free if you only need a couple. At worst they may be 0.1ml increments, but if I remember correctly the CVS ones I got for my son's medicine were 0.01ml.


If you want higher quality with 0.01ml increments (or even 0.005ml) for some reason, you can look for u-100 diabetic syringes with a luer lock tip (no needle) and then put plastic tips on them (like you get with some of the Salifert kits). Might be hard to find in quantities less than 100, but you can sometimes find individual bags of 10. My dog is type 1 diabetic and uses u-100 insulin, so that's where I get my syringes from!

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