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Brown slime on poisoned favites. Update: looks cured!


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What I mean is, I'd like to cut off a sliver of the plug, with the bare skeleton from the edge of the coral, to have as a specimen. Like that area on the left, past all the flesh. I think it's neat how thin the skeleton is there. But only if I can figure out a way to do it without subjecting the living coral to any damage. 

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I put it back in its prior spot, as opposed to that really-easy-to-photograph spot at the front of the tank. This'll probably be the last photo update, unless I come back in a year like "look how big it got!". 


I think I can confidently declare this coral healthy. It's expanded, it's growing. It's definitely not slowly fading away. Color's not ideal, but that's probably my lighting, it wasn't super flashy in the first place. 


So, did I get super lucky with a weak strain of BJD, or did putting it in a cup of cold water and cleaning it occasionally cure the disease? Is there any merit to the idea that the cold water slowed the disease down? 


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Chemical Warfare favites gets some nice green tints under shade. Sadly, the darker areas of that green aren't really visible in this picture, because of the shade. You can see this coral is horribly unhealthy, withering by the second, about to die at any point. Definitely hasn't grown nicely. Nope. Super unhealthy. 

(Note: sarcasm. The two polyps in the deepest shade are puffy and might like more light, but the rest is very happy. Those two are going to have to deal.)


Anyone know if this guy will fistfight/sting a Fascination favites, or if they'll just try to overgrow each other? I kinda want to put a Fascination next to this guy for some contrast. 

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Your coral/tank had something going on, but it wasn't "BJD".  ("BJD" certainly isn't caused by putty.  I'm not even sure "BJD" is really a "disease" as its "name" suggests.  Seems like a misnomer to me.)


Good job on the willpower to resist "doing more to help" all through this thread.  👍👍


BTW, cases like this are why it's good to know how close your nearest Poly-Filter is.

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Oh, yeah, putty didn't cause this. There was a wrinkle in the putty that seems to have been letting palytoxin out. I'm assuming that whatever was happening with the coral was due to it being stressed and weakened by that. 


Maybe "brown jelly syndrome" would be a better name? Like how we have the word "pneumonia" to mean "fluid in the lungs", without indicating a specific disease. Pneumonia can be anything from fluid due to an infection, to straight-up water. 

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I would be more inclined to think the quantity of superglue and putty going into the tank would be the potential problem.


....or even some die-off (w/ammonia spike) from having that rock out of the water while scraping the Paly's.


Seems like a freshly removed patch of Paly's shouldn't be able to hurt much of anything....after all you removed them – it's not like you dumped them in the blender and then poured them back into the tank.  (Ew!)


Was the a LOT LOT LOT of ragged tissue left on the rocks, or was it a mostly clean removal?

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There was a decent bit of tissue left on the rocks, as it was pretty textured and the stuff didn't want to come off. And they were one of the really nasty palys, from what I can tell. They gave me a headache from removing them with proper protection equipment, and they're shaped like the toxic palys tend to be. They also slimed up a ton at any provocation, which I know isn't a given for toxin (ricordeas do the same), but it seems like the nastier palys tend to slime a lot. 


I suppose some die-off is possible, but it didn't take that long to scrape the rock off.


As for the putty, I've used smaller amounts in the past with no problems, and I recently put about that same amount into my tank with no issues. (I made a couple of large flat surfaces to contain encrusting SPS, and enlarged and/or replaced some frag plugs.) I guess the superglue could somehow have been a problem? But between the putty, the glue, and the thin layer of extremely toxic and very, very upset coral, I feel inclined to think the very toxic coral was the problem. 


Whatever the case, I'm replacing the rock. It's a nice shape, but I want something a little smaller, so I have slightly more sandbed open. I'm sure it's fine to use now (it's been sitting in saltwater since I took it out), but I found a piece that fits into the tank better, and everything on the rock except algae has died off anyway. Well, that and some copepods. Hardy little things, they've been multiplying in a bucket with no light or flow. 

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