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Hey guys, pretty much i started a 10Gal. tank 1 1/2 months ago, got a powerhead creating some current, and lights, i have plenty of sand and live rock as well, but i havent added the clean up crew yet, pretty much the pH is 8.4 + or so what my test kit is telling me, and ive been cycling water weekly, and its thick in algae, like ugly brown nasty stuff. what should i do? the tank has been up for a bit should i just be patient ? im eventually hoping to be able to put in nice soft corals in there and just see how it all works out, thanks for any help.

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The set up is as follows,

10G glass tank

9-10Lbs Live Rock

10 Lbs of LS

Pictures will be up soon, any advice on the photo cycle as well too I have no idea what to do for it, and any advantages to moon lights? i think i should put in the clean up crew really soon but i am unsure as to how many and what type etc.. yeah well im off to sleep see ya guys thanks

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i just had a diatom bloom, hermit crabs love the stuff, or a few snails on the glass. my astraeas dont move that fast so i just scrapped the diatoms off. from what ive heard, a diatom bloom is a sign of the end of the nitrogen cycle

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after a 1.5 monts i would suspect that ammonia and nitrites are zero. nitrates may be a problem and you have not exported any algae with the clean up crew? what do you mean by cycling water? do you mean water changes? how much? what kind of water? definately put some snails or hermit crabs in there. my preference is for snails. your light set up may also be a problem. what's your set up.

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Ok so for now the water is as follows. the pH is a bit high 8.4, im not sure what to do about it i have buffer for 8.2 but i dont know i think ill wait it out and see how it goes, the ammonia , nitrites are infact 0 the nitrates are a lil higher but not too much. by cycling water i mean by 10% water changes weekly, is that too much? and today i picked up 3 turbo snails to start workin on the algae it looks like their working alright, how long should i wait from here? or any other stuff i should add?

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