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Hi all had an EVO 13.5 setup and have moved over to an Aqua One 120 minireef. Just wanted to see if anyone had any info for me on my setup mainly my sump (first time with one).

Ill try an list my equipment and stocklist at the minute and add a few pictures to go with.


Aqua one 120 minireef

Viparspectra 165 watt light

Jecod 2500 return pump

Jebao sow-8 wavemaker

Another wavemaker for sump cant think what it is big one tho.

Nicrew 10 watt sump light

Cheap skimmer cant remember name think JAD

Eheim 150w + 50w heaters

Active carbon 

Bag of ceramic balls an rings

Chaeto ball.



Snowflake Eel

Blue damsel x3

6 Line wrasse

Lawnmower Blenny

Savini Puffer

Cleaner shrimp

Blue hermits

Few types of snaill




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Couple more pics




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A little small for a snowflake eel. The rest is good.

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Lfs owner seemed to think itd be alright. Since ive got it back an done me research ive found it may be on the small side so just going to try an make it as comfy as possible for him. Maybe get a cave for him. To be fair havent seen him leave his rock so far ha

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I would definitely add more rockwork but your lfs person sold you a fish for the wrong tank. You know it will get bigger than the length of the tank right? And your damsels will become a snack. 

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