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pictures of my 20gal


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Hi everyone! Here are some pictures of my 20gal:




It is a custom built framless, starfire tank with 3/8" glass. It has an external overflow box with two 1" bulkheads.

I have recently switched over to bare bottom and really enjoy the results.

Let me know what you think.



- Chad

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My father in law is a cabinet maker and built my stand and canopy for me.





The canopy sits on the wooden rails above the tank and can be slid backwards or lifted off.

In the stand is a 20 gal sump with chaeto and 25lbs of LR.

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Actually Brian I do prefere the looks of sand. I had some really beautiful finer-than-sugar white aragonite. But when I switched my tank over to a tank with thinker galss, I was blown away at how much junk was in my sandbed. I feed very lightly! (only have one damsel that eats a little cyplopeze when I feed the corals every 3 days or so.) I left the sand out to try and keep it cleaner and what I enjoy now is being able to put good current (~39X) anywhere I want it without making a blizzard.


- Chad

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Thank you for the compliment. I have a custom retro from DIY Reef with a 175W xm10k with 24" VHO actinc.

As far as filtration goes, I have an old venturi protein skimmer in the sump along with a maxijet for added circulation. I have the LR and some chaeto under a 24/7 walmart spotlight.

For circulation I have an Iwaki 20rxlt as return pump and a Blueline hd-20 on a closed loop.

My heater's between the sump baffles and I have a kent aquadose to drip kalk.


- Chad

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Thanks man B)


Here's a shot of the tank with just actinics...





It isn't quite as blue in real life but my camera really struggles with those VHOs


- Chad

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I'm glad you like it guys. The picture looks a litle washed out but I really love how vho actinics look. I am also considering going to a 14k for my next MH.


In the tank I have:

Assorted zoanthids


Green Star Polyp


Pulsing Xenia


Coral Banded Shrimp

Brittle Star

Hermit Crab

Porcelin Anemone Crab

Scotts Damsel (my lone fish)


- Chad

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That is a very clean tank! I love how you have no frames. Did you DIY, or was it built by someone. If you don't mind me asking how much did it run you? Nice looking plumbing too, keep us updated.



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