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Fighting Hair Algae


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I'm currently running a 3 gallon (3 gallon-ish, probably closer to 2 gallons in terms of water) macro tank. I originally had SOME green hair algae, after like a month. But, recently it has taken off and it's everywhere.


The macros have mostly been fine despite all the GHA growth. My codium is pretty much a goner, I've taken it out. Everything else (Halimeda, Shaving Brush, Gracilaria) has been growing very well, even when covered in GHA. I also have Branching coralline, but idk how it's really doing. 


I spent maybe 4-5 hours today removing all the GHA from my macros and the rocks (Mostly. I didn't want to physically remove the rocks, so I didn't get everything). I also have a chiton and a few nerites (zebra and virgin nerites) that eat it, but there slow eaters. 


What can I do to prevent the GHA from consuming my tank again (There's also some bubble algae growing, but I'm less worried about that)? 

I'm definetly gonna avoid dosing for a bit, except for maybe some bacteria. But what else can be done?


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