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SaltBabies Breeding journal - seahorse, shrimp etc.

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So I've been dabbling in breeding for a few years and I've decided with Pandemic to use my free time to further this interest.

Currently successful with erectus seahorses

Working on Reidi Seahorses

Peppermint shrimp


To help with these endeavors I run nano, t-iso (when it hasn't crashed), baby brine, and copepods mostly tisbe some tigger, the occasional rotifer.


Being spring I have had a few batches of erectus released. 

1st one March 10th  have about 25 alive and working on weaning them to frozen food

some more released  April 2nd and April 9th  really fighting the ammonia on this one  there are so many babies and they need so much brine.


April 6th and 11th my peppermint shrimp released some zoeae so working on those as well.  Feeding bbs, copepods, rotifers in nano/t-iso.


So far so good with some of the shrimp but we will see how it goes.  I fed many of the zoeae to my seahorse babies who loved them.


I hope to be able to play with flame angels and sharknose gobies soon.  My flame angels spawn but the eggs are not fertile.

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do you use kresials usually?

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I use small cubes.  then graduate to larger tanks.  I sometimes use something like kresial for somethings.

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