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Book Recommendation???


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Hi. I am starting a 13 gallon nano. Any books on the topic??? I have had FO tanks, so all of those books are geared more towards that.

I'd love a good reef book- especially about smaller tanks...


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not any nano-reef books out currently. i think there's one or two in development. (hopefully)


there's a german one but i can't find the title or author. i've only seen it referred to in the passing 3rd person-type of thing. i think that's going to be translated soon (late '05?) tho.


tullock's Natural Reef Aquariums is a nice book that actually goes over how to setup a nano but it's a bit dated.


Reef Invertebrates (calfo & fenner) is also a good read and has a section on refugiums that's quite popular with nanos.


some of the online magazines (RC & RDO) detail nanos in dedicated articles, as well as being centered on one of the recent new Coral Magazine issues (english version). those are probably better bets for updated info. there are some other mag articles from other magazines from last year and the year before but not as good/helpful imo. hth

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Don't think there are any nano-reef oriented books


I ordered two books on aquarium corals today, hopefully get them within a week.

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