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1.6Gal (6L) Leptastrea-dominated Pico


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This tank was established in January, and got its first corals in mid February. I cycled with dry rock and sand, as I had it on hand. This is my first successful saltwater tank, though I’ve kept freshwater on and off since I was a kid. I had a failed pico attempt in 2019 that I tore down due to my poor mental health at the time. But this teeny tank is so far going well!

I aim for it to be dominated by Leptastrea. I have two varieties thus far: orange (acquired locally from a hobbyist), and blue/green (fortuitous find at a Denver fish store). I have three from AquaSD coming today and I plan for more! Leptastrea is one of my favorite corals and the size of its polyps just seemed like the right scale for such a little tank. I'm looking forward to how this tank develops!


Currently home to one zebra hermit and one Nerite (I need another for algae control). I am not sure about further livestock in future.


FTS last week 03/04/21:



Orange Leptastrea:






Green Favia(?) - this was misidentified when I bought it, but it's healthy so no big deal


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I gave up on the Cyphastrea yeasterday. It didn't look super happy when I bought it, and I thought it would come back. But it just wasn't getting any better and started to have severe tissue loss this week. Not sure why it declined, but I pulled it due to risk to my water quality. Everything else looks great.


I have my first hitchhikers in one of the frags I received from AquaSd! Tiny barnacles and hermit crabs! It's hard to get clear shots of them even playing with the macro lens on a good camera. The blue/green leptastrea is starting to creep onto the rock on one side already. I hope that things start encrusting well soon!











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