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Red Scarlett Hermit Crab - do I need to spot feed?

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1 minute ago, Broseff said:

But like legs, claws, all that looks super real when molting. 

It was 3 or 4 Big Red legs  No claws.  It what looked like something meaty at the end.  Like the size of a crab's eye.   Not much - definitely not the thin back of crab.


I took the shell out of tank when I found it and it looked empty.  I put it back in tank in case another crab might want it at a future date.  Now it's moving around tank again.  My initial though was the new crab took the shell.  but I saw the new crab shell moving around to locations in the tank.  It's lodged inside a cave now.  If it moves by tomorrow morning - it's a trio.


It's inside a cave where I can't get it with tweezers.  But where it's sitting up inside a rock I don't see how it's sitting there without live crab legs holding on.  Will check shell location first thing tomorrow morning. 

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Hermits can retreat really far into the shell. Mine will often molt and sit with the legs of the old exoskeleton hanging out of the opening of the shell, which is probably what happened. 


A good test is to smell the suspected molt. If it doesn't really have much smell to it, just a bit of salty/beach, it's a molt. If it reeks like low tide after someone reenacted the Boston Tea Party with bug poison, it's a dead animal. 

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