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Fluval Evo 13.5 filter upgrade


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About to purchase an Evo 13.5 and the InTank media basket for chamber 1. Obviously, there are multiple ways the media basket could be filled. Does anyone have recommendations from experience? Also, that leaves chamber 2 empty. Any thoughts on what to do with that one?

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Yes yes. 

Check out my Tank Journal. I highly recommend my setup with CH1 media filters and CH2 Fuge. 

One change I suggest from my setup is DO NOT buy the 2" marinepure blocks. They are too large. I had to cut mine in 2. Get the Gems (4 bags) 2 in CH1 and 2 in CH2. 


In Chamber One - the bottom is marinepure blocks for me. The middle is fine filter floss, which I may never change. And the top is coarse filter floss, which I change once a week. If I need carbon for a short period, I just toss it on the very top. 


Link: The Desktop Reef, 


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I think most people use the Intank rack for chamber 1, filter floss at the top, in the other racks.

In chamber 2, I just put in a layer of live rock rubble about halfway up (future home for copepods?), and I just toss in bags of chemical filtrations as needed (chemipure, carbon, purigen etc).



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