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Clownfish king

Good beginner 10gallon stocking list

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Clownfish king

The ones that I want to keep really bad is GSP or Xenia a Kenya tree and zoanthids and leather coral or toad stool. I do not need any of the following but I thought it could be cool with 10lbs of rock. Duncan coral red or green mushrooms and maybe in the future an Rba for my clownfish pair I do 10% every week and 20% monthly. Things that I do not need but I think are cool are palys small elegance coral and any easy LPS corals. Any replacement ideas the star coral will be the Duncan if bought if bought not the Kenya tree will be the star. Any replacement orotuer good ideas 

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Here is some info on the corals listed that can help you decide and plan your tank.


Elegance grow quickly and have a nice sting to it so they need lots of room.


A bubble tip anemone will take over within months so in such a small tank, if you want a bubble tip, make it an anemone only tank and plan for rehousing sooner than later. 


Within a yr my bubble tips had 5 babies and mama anemones were 8 -10" across(not including tentacle length)


Duncans are fine and easy


Mushrooms are fine and easy- some grow big and spread fast


Xenia and gsp grow and spread quickly but are easily pruned. They spread even when housed on a separate rock isolating them doesn't prevent them from taking over- pruning does


Kenya trees are easy just know they grow fast and are known to drop arms and regrow many baby kenya


Toadatools are great but definitely grow fast 


When housing soft corals, always use activated carbon to reduce chemical warfare between corals.


Other easy corals: blasto's, acans, favia, hammers

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Clownfish king

I have 2 filters both use activated carbon to get rid of bad water quality anyway thank you so much!

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I will throw in my2 cents.. lepastrea is an easy lps. I have a polkaroo which is thriving well, nice bright color. 

 I have an abundance of green nepthea (thanks Clown 79)thriving. The color is glowing green and it frags easily.

  The way I look at it.. the more cover on the live rock with corals the less room for gha to latch onto.

   Clownfish dont require rba to survive. They will host many things if they feel the need.

  With the correct placement, many favias sport some decent colors and are easy enough to keep but they sting other corals so be aware.

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