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I'm planning on starting a dwarf seahorse tank. Its prob going to be about 2.5-6 gallons, haven't found a tank yet. I am curious about tankmates and coral compatibility. I need ways to kill hydroids. Maybe something to eat it? I know you can use some meds but i have very limited access to that bcs of my country's restrictions. Its not going to be a pure biotope

Here is the probable stocking list.

1 bumble bee snail

1 mexican turbo

2 nassaurius vibex

3-5 pairs of dwarfs

2 blue stripe pipefish???

Photosynthetic gorgonians

photosynthetic sponges (species reccomendations?)

dwarf cerith snails

3 scarlet hermits

5 sexy shrimp

live Copepods

live Brine shrimp

live rotifers

live mysis (if i can get these)

saltwater ghost (if i can get these)



Ideas and tips please!!!

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Looks pretty good, no hermits and I'd stay away from the sexy shrimp too. That size tank will be too small for the bluestripes, but should be able to handle everything else and quite a few dwarfs 🙂

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