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Fish introduction order: Adding semi-aggressive fish last

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I've just ordered a Starki Damsel for my 50G.
It's a rare find over here, so I didn't really have any doubts about it.


I wanted to introduce the Starki last in the aquarium, but I'll certainly buy more fish after I introduce the Starki to the 50G.


My question is:

Is it possible to "re-introduce" the Starki damsel after buying new fish - by removing it from the 50G, putting it in a quarantine tank for a month, and then re-introducing it to the 50G?
Will this "reset" territories, and decrease aggression, the same way adding it last would have?


Thanks a lot!

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Theoretically, it might help, but it's a lot of stress on the fish. I wouldn't actually bother, Starki damsels aren't terribly aggressive. Damsels in that genus pick a cave and defend it, and generally tolerate other fish in the immediate area outside the cave, as long as the cave itself is safe. 

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