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IM AIO 40G Nuvo- Filtration Help Needed


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New Aquarist here.  Tank about four months old.


I have just added Chemipure Blue to my filtration system. After reading some reviews, I wonder if I should move it's location. Please advise- here is my set-up.

AOI 40 gallon
Chambers on the left: water flows into media basket with bio-rings, then to a media filter with biopellets, then into the middle return pump chamber

Chambers on the right: water flows into a filter sock, then into a protein skimmer, then into the middle return pump chamber

I originally had the Chemi blue in the media basket next to the bio-rings. However, I read it should be in the last compartment which is the return pump chamber.  I am concerned to just drop it in there on the bottom. The flow may not be great and can it block the filter pumps?

Options: Move the media reactor to the outside left but my media basket won't fit in the other space. My media basket (the one for my IM tank) and filter sock only fits in the outer compartments.  The compartments where the skimmer and reactor are housed are smaller.

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