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Clove Polyp Growth


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I got some Firework Clove Polyps last month.  They have done well and since have several translucent white shoots coming out of them now.  These seem to get longer every day.  Are these going to be new heads?  If so when will I see the polyp?


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That's odd, they should have the frill visible by now. Are you certain the smallest ones at the back aren't some sort of sponge attached to the rock? 

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Mine don't  open right away either.  I can usually tell when they are close to being ready to open because the base to about halfway up will get thicker and change color slightly.  

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Papaya clove polyps grow like pumpkins and other gourds - they throw up runners and then new heads spout from the runners. Those growth tips look like the runners, they're kind of bumpy looking. In my experience the runners either grow along the rock straight away or wave around a bit and then finally stick somewhere. Either way it looks like you're going to have some new polyps soon. The runners stick to stuff and spread will quick 🙂

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