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Top Shelf Aquatics

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Top Shelf Aquatics

Over 1,000 corals going up on our site on Sunday!! Hourly drops of 100+ pieces. You definitely don't want to miss out!


Sale will be Sunday August 9th from 12PM to 10PM est.


Stay tuned for previews of what's to come!






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Top Shelf Aquatics

It's finally Friday!! Just two days until our Summer Sale! 


Here's some more of the pieces that will be available this Sunday



50198815563_6b23ce4ab9_b.jpg 50198815853_49e2edbb17_b.jpg

50198815258_5d661d7eb2_b.jpg 50199630372_9d7da3e219_b.jpg


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Top Shelf Aquatics

Anyone hoping to pick up any specific pieces tomorrow? 


Here's a little more of what's to come! 



50202390738_e3944c6b2f_c.jpg 50202390603_4249a7644f_b.jpg

50203195767_3aeee6af67_b.jpg 50202930736_f9dd64b947_c.jpg


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