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Building AIO Tank - Chamber size


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Hello everyone.

I am currently converting a 40x40 cube tank into a AIO.

My main topic is in regards to chamber size where I will later add the ice cap k1 nano skimmer. The dimension as described on their website is: Footprint: 2.75" x 3.2" (3.5 x 4in w/Mount)| Reaction Chamber: 2" | Height: 13"

Although, following this thread the recomended size for his DIY was 4.5" 


I have seen folks using this skimmer with a Fluval 13.5 where the chamer is only 3". This is very tight and if I feel like using the mount I need the chamber to be 4"


So, what would you all recommend? Forget the skimmer mount and create the chamber with a 3.2" size and have more room on the display or go with 4.2 to be more confortable? 

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I would say more is better. We are eventually going to use Tunze skimmer and we wanted enough room to mount it either way.  As for chamber size we wanted to have room to upgrade the pump to a dc adjustable with 3/4 line.  So think what is the biggest pump you want to fit. The sicce 1.0 is plenty along with the Jabeo. 

Even though we have more room its still hard to get my hands in there.  Cardboard and glue gun is your friend when trying to figure out how much room etc.  We did a lot of different setups till we found one we liked. For our first one it turned out ok.  But again this was for a 20L :)

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