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Bubble Tipped Question

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So this is in a 4 month old tank, the anemone has been in about 2 months now, at first it spent it's first month on the glass next to my powerhead at the top, and this month it has been sitting on the side of a Zoa colony and the last 2 days it has been moving all about the tank. My question is any thoughts on how to get the anemone to settle longer as I want to try and get my clowns to host it but I want it to stay put atleast a month before I try, unless some experts have some good thoughts on how to get the clowns to host sooner as I feel that may help the nem stay in one spot longer.

Pictures on the glass and the wall are from about a month and a half ago the ones on the Zoa are from a few days ago.

It has already gotten 3 more rows or tenticals from when I picked it up and the Topps have been getting bubbled up during the last month while it's been growing. I'm not sure if you think I need more flow, or if it's just still trying to find it's happy spot haha.. I have an AI prime 16HD for the light also.

Tank has parameters within line of recommendation..

1.025 salinity
0 nitrate/nitrite
8 PH
0 Phosphate
410 calcium
10.1 DKH
1440 ppm magnesium




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Do you feed it at all? It may be hungry. 


You don't want to have 0 phosphates and nitrates, it'll starve your corals. It's probably also why your rock is so white. You don't want that, you want a nice covering of assorted types of algae. Somewhere around 0.05 phosphates and 5-10 nitrates will do everything some good. 


Your tank is very new, and has the potential to be far too unstable for a bubble tip. Especially since you have what I'm guessing is dry rock.

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It was Dry Rock for the majority of what i put in, The Bubble tipped has stopped moving and it is right up by the ZOA, and happy. I do feed anywhere from 1-2 times a week some shrimp, This Bubble tipped eats very slowly and dose not have the normal sticky tips im used to. i also ended up with a Green BTA that settled right into a spot and has stayed there for well over a month and i feed that as well, that one eats aggressively and the tips are very sticky. 

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What kind of light, what kind of flow, what sized tank and what are your settings for the light and flow?


You have a new tank started with dry rock - that's not a very friendly place for a nem of any sort to live. When you start a new tank, it goes through ecological succession where populations of various microorganisms and algae boom and bust until their populations find an equilibrium with each other. While that is happening, your nutrients and levels of dissolved organics are fluctuating wildly all over the place, which is no bueno for an anemone. This is why it's suggested to wait at least a year for an anemone - until things start to settle, your chances of success aren't very high, especially with dry rock.


Really all you can do is feed it (very, very sparingly - like maximum once every week or two), feed your fish pretty heavily while keeping water changes to a minimum, and if either nitrates or phosphates start to bottom out, dose them directly. If the anemone is stressed out at all, don't feed it - at all. Feeding a stressed anemone is dangerous to do because if they can't digest the food fast enough it'll just rot inside and that'll kill it in short order. Also digesting food uses energy (obviously, it's a net positive, but it has to expend energy to extract energy) and that may just push it over the edge.


Hopefully you can keep it alive until the tank settles and matures.

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