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Feeling Pretty Stupid, Tank Footprint??


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I was given an Aquarium Stand, 15 Gallon Tank, Glass Top and HOB Filter. Spent Hours, over several days cleaning up the Stand and using Rattle Can Truck Bed Liner on it. The Aquarium glass is permanently etched, I’ve tried Vinegar, AMAZ Glass Polish, Hydrochloric Acid, Bon Ami, with no improvement. They no longer make that Aquarium. The Stand top is 25” X 13.25” There is a 30 gallon tall, but where I want to put the tank, that won’t work. Does anyone know of an aquarium 15 to 20 gallons, that has that base size? 

BTW, I was going to use it for some Fancy Guppies. 

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I don't think anything is exactly that size, but you can find something close enough to look reasonable. Keep in mind, you DO NOT want the tank to overhang- it has to be fully supported.


Quarantine your guppies thoroughly. A lot of the fancy guppies are pretty fragile at this point, from inbreeding, and can be disease-prone.

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