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New AIO Aquatop Recife 24G - Maintenance time!!


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Afternoon reefers!


Tank has been running for 4 weeks now. Bacteria dose done, first water change and according to the water test this morning, all seems well with only a hint of ammonia and 10ppm nitrate. 


I wanted to discuss maintenance and media ideas with you all.


The Aquatop comes with a foam filter, Skimmer (off for now) and 3 buckets bio media.


1. Carbon infused media cubes 80g

2. Phosphate + Nitrate removing media cubes 80g

3. Quartz rings 14oz.


Ive been battling miro bubbles and free floating particles. Pretty sure the bubbles are from the skimmer.. turned it off, no more bubbles.


I feel the stock filtration is not keeping the water as clean and clear as I would like (pictures attached)


You folks have any suggestions?


Aquatop recommends change the media cubes every 30 days and quartz rings 50% every 30 days. 


Does that make sense? Prior tank builds (10+ years ago, all sumps) were all sumped with bio balls, carbon and filter floss. 


Keep the stock media? 


Replace every 30 days as per the manufacture?


Add floss and more carbon? 



Thanks in advance!




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For now,depending on nutrient levels I would solely rely on water changes,about 25-30%. If nutrients get too bad,50%.


 Carbon is fine,especially if your water is cloudy or yellowing. GFO is really only needed if phosphates are high. Then you need to figure out why its so high. 


 Tank looks good,looks super new but good. 

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Yea, she is very new.. we're a month in.


Bubbles for sure were coming from the skimmer. You know, i should probably pick up another test kit. Current kit is a base API kit for ph, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates.


Any recommendations there??


Would like to check for salinity, phosphates and parameter for corals.

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My local fish shop also recommended the Salifert kit.


A quick update:


I added some poly filter and a sack of red sea carbon .. around 50g's.


Might be to early to tell but water seems clearer. Not that ridiculous clear were all seeking but for being a freshly cycled tank its not bad.

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As your newly set up tank establishes the bacteria and microbial populations you will see some cloudiness. Its normal,I would not stress it. If it stays cloudy then I would perform a 50% water change,replace carbon. 


 Salifert and Red Sea are some of the best kit's we can buy for our tanks. 

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Still have this tank?  I purchased mine 10/2020 the skimmer works great for me, however it took SOOO LONG to break in.  Honestly took 3 months to fully break in!  Any new pics?  

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