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Kelli Cadenas

Kelli is the curator at the SEA LIFE Michigan aquarium. She was also a coral aquarist at the National Aquarium, interned at the Shedd Aquarium, and worked at the Virginia Aquarium during college. She's kept fish tanks since she was a tot and has a passion for all things fish. She is a mother, artist, and entrepreneur. She draws sea life of all sorts, puts her cute creations on stickers and magnets, and sell them online. 
Felicia McCaulley

Felicia has been working in the aquarium and pet industries for over 15 years. Her breadth of knowledge and professional experience ranges from aquaculture, wholesale, retail, journalism, and photography. She's worked with companies like Marine Depot, Live Aquaria, and PetSmart and contributed to Coral Magazine, Advanced Aquarist, Aquarium Fish International, and Reefs.com.
Nicole Helgason

Nicole Helgason is a professional scuba diver and photographer. She is the Events and Social Media Manager at Reef Builders, an influential media company that covers the aquatics industry. She organizes the popular publication's annual Reef Stock events in Denver, CO, and Sydney, AU. Nicole has a degree in Coastal Geography and founded reefdivers.io in 2016.
Hilary Jaffe

While she started as a hobbyist, Hilary took her love for marine life and made it a career. She's worked professionally in the aquarium industry as a social media manager and biologist. She's kept all types of tanks, including marine, reef, and brackish. Her aquarium origin story began 15 years ago when she was captivated by a particularly plucky pufferfish.

Kat is a well-known hobbyist and marketer in the industry. She's a social media specialist, speaker, and blogger. She is a consultant for many of the biggest brands in the hobby. She's been keeping reefs for nine years, but has recently been flirting with freshwater. Fun fact: Kat has an Acropora named after her. That's right! Her signature coral: the Katropora. Don't believe us? Google it!
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