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How Clean is the Water You Put in Your Tank?
The #1 job of an aquarium hobbyist is to maintain water quality. Keeping the right ratio of elements in—and harmful elements out—are the keys to keeping a successful aquarium.

Hobbyists that believe "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" use reverse osmosis filtration to clean tap water before they mix it with aquarium salt or use it as top-off. This prevents chlorine and other elements that are harmful to aquatic life from ever entering the aquarium.

AutoAqua Inline Digital TDS MetersHow do you know if your reverse osmosis system is doing its job? By testing it, of course!

AutoAqua Titanium TDS meters measure the Total Dissolved Solids in water. Pure water has 0 TDS. Using an inline TDS meter with the appropriate number of sensors can tell you the purity of water at every stage of the filtration process.

These readings will tell you the effectiveness of your RO system so you know precisely when to replace your filter cartridges. That way, you don't remove them prematurely and waste money or leave them in too long and introduce contaminants to your tank.
Which TDS Meter is Right for You?
1. Measure tap water going in  2. Again after RO stage  3. Once more after DI stage
AutoAqua Titanium One Digital Inline TDS Meter TDS-100

The smallest in the series with a single titanium probe sensor that comes with a ¼” push connect Tee. The monitor and probe are one piece without an extension rod making it easy to install without managing cables.
AutoAqua Titanium S1 Digital Inline TDS Meter TDS-100S
The Titanium S1 model has a single titanium probe sensor, 24" cable, and ¼” push connect Tee. It can be installed inline to monitor the efficiency of any filter it is attached to. The controller is magnetic too, so it's easy to pick up and stick up.
AutoAqua Titanium S2 Digital Inline TDS Meter TDS-200S

The Titanium S2 has dual titanium probe sensors with 24" cables and 2 x ¼” push connect Tees. It can be installed inline to measure contaminants from 2 different locations, like your RO membrane output as well as the DI resin.
The Titanium S3 has triple titanium probe sensors, 24" cables, and 3 x ¼” push connect Tees. Install inline to measure contaminants from 3 sources. Press the button to toggle through each probe's readings. It turns off after 3 minutes of non-use.
Will the best RO/DI system please stand up?
There are a lot of factors that influence the performance of a reverse osmosis filter system. Local water quality, pressure, temperature, and how well you maintain the system can all affect the quantity and quality of water you produce.

The IceCap Smart RO/DI is perfect for new reefers and advanced hobbyists alike. For beginners, this system takes away all the guesswork. It fully automates the water purification process and is equipped with safety features like preset run times, replacement reminders, and leak detection.

For experienced and expert reefers, the Smart RO/DI is equipped with every upgrade you would eventually buy anyway, so now you don't have to! You can mount it like a typical RO/DI system, but the über convenient and ultra-rugged metal stand allows you to place the Smart RO/DI pretty much anywhere you like.
IceCap Deionization Resin
IceCap Carbon Block RO Prefilter
Dow Filmtec RO Membrane
IceCap Single Canister Kit
IceCap Reverse Osmosis Canister
Icecap ATO Solenoid Valve
IceCap RO High Pressure Switch
Icecap RO Low Pressure Switch
IceCap Electronic Shut-off Solenoid Valve
IceCap Adjustable RO Float Valve
Male Branch Tee
Elbow Check Valve
IceCap Push Connect Elbow
Hose/Utility Sink Adapter
Drain Saddle Clamp w/ Push Conec
Reverse Osmosis Flow Restrictor
Tag #coralvue to share your Titanium TDS or Smart RO/DI with us!
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