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PC & NO Question for lighting gurus


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20 long w/ 10 gallon refugium (Seperate lighting on refugium on opposite cycle from main tank)

Display lighting - (2) 125w or 200w screw in PCs 6500K


Question: would adding a NO 20 watt 20,000K add anything useful to the mix?

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6500k's pretty much daylight, not a lot of blue in there, coral's will grow ok, but not colour up too well. aim for bulbs with a kelvin rting of 10k or preferably higher, you could use two 6500k's with NO actinic suppliment but corals utilise the blue part of the spectrum more effectively so the more blue the better. Also, with a bluer light green marine algae dont grow so well, the 6500k's will make them bloom very nicely given half a chance

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