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Preference for aquarium canopy?

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Hi everyone, I'm new to the hobby and doing research on getting an aquarium. I notice that some manufacturers make different canopy heights, some taller and some shorter. What is the purpose in having different canopy heights? It is just the aesthetics or does it serve some technical function? I also saw that some offer no canopy (rimless tank?). Any recommendations/ suggestions are appreciated, thanks in advance.

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Most people mount their lights about 12 inches above the water surface, so that's one thing to take into consideration when it comes to canopy height. You want to make sure it's tall enough to hang the light + provide enough space for the fans to do their thing.


Nowadays many hobbyists don't even use a canopy, and buy a light fixture they can hang from the ceiling or fit onto the tank. It all comes down to personal preference i.e. getting the look you want.

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