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Premium Aquatics nano LR: Two thumbs up


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Just to let you guys know: my live rock came in for my 7 gallon minibow today and I set it up and began the cycle.

I ordered 8 pounds Nano live rock from Premium Aquatics, a mix of Marshall and Kaelini. This stuff is nothing short of amazing. Its covered in several colors of coraline and full with life, alot of which has already popped out in the past hours it's been set up. The rock is th ebest i've ever seen for a nano. Plus it's only $3.50/pound.

I also ordered 4 pounds of LR rubble for my aquaclear 500 refugium. Double wow. This stuff has twice the life and is even more colorful, in golf ball sizes perfect for my refuge...all 4 pounds almost filled it to the top leaving me with barely enough room for macro algae (im still deciding whether or not ill use it)


Just letting you guys know, i'll never order from anywhere else, you should consider these guys for your nano rock.:) They beat my previous orders from Liveaquaria and marinedepot by a longshot. Plus, theres no chisel and hammer required for this rock, its perfectly fit. The aquascaping is amazing, it fits like a puzzle and looks great. Well i'm going on and on now, im just real excited. :) and thanks for all your help so far in this forum, you guys are great....

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Nanoman, yes I second that. I too ordered LR from PremiumAquatics. I got the Nano Marshall LR. The pieces I got are covered with coralline algae, full of life and very easy to landscape without breaking out the tools! Definitely 2 thumbs up.

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$3.49/lb. for the LR. I got 10 lbs of the Nano Marshall and 2-day shipping came out to be $16.60 to NY, so it all came out to be about $5.10/lb for me. Plus my LFS didn't have anything as nice!

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matt the fiddler

auctually- get the live rock rubble for $1.49 a pound, and maybe 1 big piece of rock- then jam em in there.... get a little more than you need.. and throw in the back what isn't big... - i usually get fist sized pieces [auctually picking up like 200 pounds of it for a friends tank and refuge this weekend] plus LR rubble [for larger tanks] is probably the best thing you can filter you tank with.. [and grow pods]

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Same here, I got the Marshall/kaelini mix, ended up costing $5.00/lb (60.00 for 12 lbs shipped) with shipping. I also would like to add that I got the uncured, and I "cured" it in a separate 5 gal tank, where over 3 weeks I never saw any ammonia at all, and nitrates never went over 2.5ppm. I have since moved it into my main tank,where it has been for 10 days, again no probs with cycle, no blooms. There are about 7 or 8 different colors of coraline, and none has faded. Absolutely no comparison with anything available locally for 2 or 3 (yes, $15/lb in NYC for tonga) times the price.


Those guys know what they're doing.

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I'm going to order from them soon.....dangit...i can't wait. I have a 2.5gal....what if the rocks are a little too big? Do i give PA the measurements I want? Oh....someone show me the difference between marshall, tonga, and fiji. All LFS has is fiji and tonga...haven't even seen marshall yet. Can someone show me some pix so I can compare them? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

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Originally posted by kbxiong67

Can someone show me some pix so I can compare them?  Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!


Here you go:








final setup, I love the light green coraline at the top:



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If you click on my 5.5 link in my sig, you can see the Marshall I got. I haven't gotten any pics since stocking my tank, but it is probably easier to see the rock that way. Excellent rock! I feel very lucky to live in Indianapolis (home of PA).

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Wow revance thats some awesome rock. Premium Aquatics rules.


Well it costed me $68 with 2 day shipping for 8 pounds nano live rock and 4 pounds LR rubble. Best $68 ive ever spent.


kbxiong67, I think you should order 3 or 4 pounds LR rubble for $1.49/pound, even though the shipping might make that a bit costly....but i got rubble from golf ball to softball sized peices and its the best rock ive seen period. that would be perfect for your 2.5 IMO. I can see it now:)

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