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NEW! Aquaforest Rock and Starter Pack 💜

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CoralVue Aquarium Products
Everything you need to start a new reef aquarium 💜
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Everything You Need—All In One Box!
If you’re starting a new reef aquarium, this all-in-one starter kit is for you! The Aquaforest AF Starter Pack has everything you need to get started on the right foot with a new reef tank.

To be clear, this isn’t an entry-level set of bottom-of-the-barrel products. These are professional-grade solutions carefully curated to carry you from your first-time mixing saltwater, through cycling your tank, and beyond to care for fish and corals with proper waste management and nutrition via supplementation.

There are products in this set you’ll want to continue using long after your cycle completes to keep your aquarium inhabitants happy and healthy and your tank looking clean and clear.

Professional 12-Piece Set
Aquaforest Synthetic Rock 10kg Box
Eco-Friendly and Completely Reef Safe
Aquaforest AF Rock is an all-natural and sustainable live rock alternative that provides all of the benefits of live rock without any of the drawbacks. Unlike other man-made ocean rock alternatives that look oddly artificial and lack the porosity needed for efficient biological filtration, AF Rock looks like it was just pulled from the ocean. It has been thoroughly tested in the laboratory and is proven to be an ideal medium for bacteria settlement. It also helps stabilize the pH and KH of water which makes corals grow faster.

 It is made hand-made by a skilled artisan so no two pieces of rock are alike. You can feel good about the fact that you’re using a rock that hasn’t been taken out of its natural environment and no harm has come to living coral reefs. High-quality, ecologically-safe pigments have been carefully applied to give the appearance of natural reef rock. Splashes of pink, purple, and magenta are applied sparingly so the rock looks like it has coralline algae already encrusted on it. The rock gains even more purple coloration once wet.

Build the Perfect Aquascape
Aquaforest Synthetic Rock 10kg Box
Excellent Medium for Biological Filtration
Aquaforest AF Rock has an outstanding weight-to-volume ratio. Its highly-porous structure supports the biochemical processes of the aquarium nitrogen cycle. The result is you get more rock and bio-filtration capacity for a lower price. You’ll also require less rock to aquascape your tank.

AF Rock is extremely porous with plenty of surface area to grow beneficial nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria. These processes guarantee the long-term biological balance of an aquarium and keep water parameters stable which facilitates a flourishing marine ecosystem. If you’re setting up a new tank, you’ll appreciate a faster maturation period so you can add livestock faster than you may be accustomed to using other rock. To jumpstart your tank even faster, add Aquaforest Bio S which contains nitrifying bacteria ideal for start-up and ammonia reduction.
What You'll 💜 About AF Rock
  • 100% natural live rock alternative (not taken from the sea!)
  • 100% pest and hitchhiker-free
  • Lightweight and super porous
  • Helps aid biological filtration
  • Crevices for fish and inverts to hide
  • Looks like coralline algae is already encrusted
  • Stabilizes pH and KH for better coral growth
  • Safe for saltwater, marine, and reef aquariums
  • Safe for freshwater aquariums with a pH above 7.0
  • Easy to stack and affix together to create a natural-looking reef
Aquaforest Salt Mix
10% off Aquaforest Salt Mixes

From now through Saturday 2/29/20, you can save 10% on all Aquaforest brand salt mixes at participating retailers. Stock up and save! Aquaforest performs an ICP-OES analysis of every batch of salt they make. You can even check your batch number online to make sure your parameters are perfect.
Aquaforest Facebook Group
Join the Aquaforest Facebook Group

Chat with over 16,000+ Aquaforest product users from around the world by joining Aquaforest's official Facebook Group! Founded in 2015, this is the official support group for Aquaforest and is a terrific place to ask questions and learn from other hobbyists that use Aquaforest brand solutions. 
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