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New Ready-to-Use Easy Masstick—No Prep Required!

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CoralVue Aquarium Products
Great for finicky eaters like Angels and Butterflyfish!
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EasyReefs Easy Masstick Fish Food
New Ready-to-Use Easy Masstick:
No Prep Required!
You’ve heard of Masstick. It’s the innovative fish food from EasyReefs that you can stick on any surface of your aquarium—to your glass or rocks, for example—so fish can naturally graze on it.

Hobbyists choose Masstick because it’s all-natural balanced nutrition and finicky fish love it. The only issue is it requires preparation before use.

Now all that’s changed with the release of Easy Masstick! It’s everything you love about the original Masstick but now in a ready-to-use formulation that requires zero preparation.

Easy Masstick Product Highlights
  • The only food you can stick to glass, rocks, or coral skeletons so fish can naturally graze on it.
  • A complete and balanced food for omnivores. You don’t have to feed other foods to supplement a diet of Easy Masstick.
  • Great for finicky eaters like Angels and Butterflyfish.
  • LPS corals and azooxanthellate corals love Easy Masstick! Inverts do, too!
  • Everything in Easy Masstick is from the ocean. There are no ingredients from freshwater or on land.
  • 100% all-natural ingredients. There is nothing artificial inside. There are zero preservatives or attractants.
  • You can mix it with vitamins and medications. It can be an invaluable tool for the oral treatment of sick or debilitated fish.
EasyReefs Easy Masstick Fish Food
How Does Easy Masstick Work?
It’s easy! Just open up the jar, remove however much you’d like to feed, then knead it between your fingers. Next, stick it to your aquarium glass or rocks—wherever you like! Any surface will do. We actually recommend sticking it to several spots in your tank so that all your fish, even the less aggressive ones, can have access to the food. And that’s it! Sit back and watch your fish peck at it just like they would in nature. It’s a real treat to see your fish feeding just like they do in the ocean. Another plus is that Easy Masstick stays “stuck” for hours. Fish can come and go as they please to eat as much, or as little, as they desire. This ad libitum approach to feeding is unique to the Masstick line and allows the food to be rationed for hours rather than gobbled up in a few seconds. Read More »
EasyReefs Easy Masstick Fish Food
Easy Masstick Satisfies Finicky Eaters
Another reason hobbyists love the original Masstick is that picky eaters are drawn to it. Thousands of hobbyists around the world rely on it to feed fish that are known to be fussy eaters. Thankfully, the new Easy Masstick has that same great quality! Your Angel Fish, Butterfly Fish, Tangs, Wrasses, and other omnivores will devour Easy Masstick. You can stick Easy Masstick wherever your fish are so they are guaranteed to see it, making it one of the most user-friendly foods around. Another cool benefit is that, as your more aggressive fish feed, smaller bits fall away to where other residents of the reef can consume it. Read More »
EasyReefs Easy Masstick Fish Food
All-Natural Ingredients From the Sea
Everything in Easy Masstick is of marine origin. There aren’t any artificial ingredients, preservatives, or attractants. Nothing has been synthesized in a laboratory. With Easy Masstick, you’re getting a truly diverse blend of natural and balanced nutrition that was created specifically for omnivorous fish and marine invertebrates to thrive.

Easy Masstick Ingredients and Nutritional Benefits:
  • Easy Masstick consists mainly of shrimp (Palaemonetes varians) that are harvested from the Veta La Palma aquaculture facility in southern Spain. They are immediately freeze-dried to maintain the nutritional value.
  • Since Easy Masstick is mainly comprised of freeze-dried zooplankton and does not contain any fish skeletons, it is very low in phosphate relative to its protein content.
  • Freeze-dried microalgae and macroalgae are added to the Easy Masstick food blend to satisfy the nutritional needs of a wider variety of marine fish.
  • Easy Masstick provides an essential source of proteins, lipids rich in fatty acids (EPA, ARA, and DHA), vitamins, and carbohydrates. All are from natural sources of marine origin.
  • Easy Masstick does not contain animal or vegetable compounds from land origin. It does not contain any ingredients that originated in freshwater. There are zero artificial preservatives.
EasyReefs Easy Masstick Fish Food
Mixes with Other Foods or Medications
One of the characteristics hobbyists loved about the original Masstick was that it could be mixed with other products. The new Easy Masstick formula is no different! You can blend it with mollusks, crustaceans, fish eggs, artemia, mysids, copepods, and rotifers. In addition to mixing with other foods, you can fortify the nutritional value of Easy Masstick by adding liquid vitamin supplements. Need to treat a sick fish? Add the prescribed dosage of oral medication to Easy Masstick to ensure it is consumed and digested properly by the fish you need to treat. Read More »
EasyReefs EasySPS EVO Gel Coral Food
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CoralVue Aquarium Products
12 hours ago, Tamberav said:

Is there anywhere online to get it yet?

SaltwaterAquarium.com and MarineDepot.com have orders on the way!

On 2/7/2020 at 6:37 PM, Mike P said:

@Jeff@CoralVue saw this in my email today and it looks interesting. I’m going to have to give this stuff a try


Thank you for being a newsletter subscriber, we appreciate it!

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