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Water Change Question...


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Ok, so I do a 5 gallon water change once a week and have had great success with my tank. Its a IM 25 gallon lagoon. When I do the water change some of the coral that's mounted on the LR becomes exposed to the air. It seems like the largest effected is my toadstool leather. Shrivels up for days before regaining its size and reopening.


Is it ok to siphon out the back chambers as part of the water change?  Good idea? Bad idea? just trying to limit air exposure to the higher mounted corals... Or if it really doesn't make a difference just let me know. Thank you for the input. 







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I have a 29g AIO.  If I'm doing water changes more than 4-5 gallons, I will pull a few gallons from the back chamber to keep the water level in the display form going down as much.  I just stick the siphon in chamber 2 and go until I get the amount I want out or drain it.  I think it's 2-3 gallons for me.  I have a frogspawn that always gets some air when I pull more than 4 gallons out.  He seems to be more tolerant of it than your toadstool.  I definitely have a clear line where the coralline algae doesn't grow above anymore because it doesn't tolerate air at all. 



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