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Solana 34 questions


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Hey all! New to the forum, but been reefing for a couple of years in a 75 gallon. I recently ran across a posting for a 34 Solana with lots of extras for a price I couldn’t pass up. The wife and I have been talking about downsizing tanks for something a little smaller and easier to maintain with 2 small kids. So, a couple of weeks ago, I made a short trip to pick up the used Solana. To go with it I got the stand, a custom made wooden rim with screen top, an 8 month old AI Prime HD, Inovative Marine media reactor, Jaebo power head with controller, heater, Tunze 9002 skimmer, UV sterilizer, some live rock, and a few corals (mainly 2 acan colonies that were on the verge of death). It also came with the InTank media basket, algae scraper, Tunze 9002 skimmer cup, and the filter floss holder for the overflow. I got all of this for $150!


I got everything home and cleaned up because the previous owner had let the tank go when the return pump died and it suffered a GHA and bubble algae outbreak. I plan on restarting the tank soon but have been doing lots of research on the Solana‘s since I got it home. I see that several have had issues with the seals busting and tanks leaking. This tanks seems solid but I come looking for advice or suggestions on whether or not I should try to reseal the tank before I start it back up. Has anybody been in a similar situation? I’m afraid of running into a leak a few months down the road.


Also looking for suggestions for filtration setup in the back as this is my first AIO. 




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Thrassian Atoll

I had a used one for a little bit as a frag tank a long time ago and one of the seams busted after a few months.  

I personally wouldn’t be comfortable using one without resealing the seams.  The tank could be over 10 years old. 

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