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Bigger tank stocking

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I have a 50G (3 feet long) mix softy, LPS and NPS coral reef that up and running with a 20G sump with a pod rubble haven


Currently I have adult size (as far as I can tell) and all have been moved from my 4yr old 25G tank to the new one.

Black Ice Clownfish

Tail-spot Blenny

Yellow Watchman Goby

Tanaka Possum Wrasse

Neon Goby

Randell Pistol Shrimp

Emerald Crab the size of a quarter

Emerald Crab the size of a dime

2 Trochus snails (medium)

3 Narcissus snails (large)


Last night I bought

3/4 inch Rainford Goby (I know i'm an idiot, but I wanted 1 for 4yrs and think it will have a better chance in this tank then my old one)

1-1/2 inch Cleaner Shrimp


I would still like to add in the up coming weeks

Fire/Blood shrimp about the same size of the cleaner if I can

McCosker wrasse male, there are some being quarantined at my LFS now.


All fish max out at 3 inches with a few being slightly under that. Do you think I can get 7 nano fish in my tank with 3 different kinds of shrimps? As of right now I have no aggression issues and didn't have any with the old 25G. I'm just wondering if I am pushing the stocking of this tank too much because it is so much bigger then my old one.

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Fish are individuals but you will likely be just fine with that stock.

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